Is Tequila Healthy? Health Benefits

Is Tequila Healthy? Health Benefits

Tequila means partying. Tequila is a fitness-friendly drink. Weight loss, gut-friendly microorganisms, and more.

Tequila’s primary sugar, agave, is healthful. Spirits are distilled from fermented alcohol.

Alcohol is considered unhealthy. Sugars, not alcohol, contribute to this negative reputation. Before being manufactured for parties, alcohol was a medication.

Sugars in alcohol are what make us feel bad and gain weight.

Tequila uses agave plant sugars. Agave has less glucose than ordinary sugar, lowering its GI. This slows agave’s absorption into circulation, reducing insulin spikes and providing other health advantages.

Where’s the pleasure in using agave syrup instead of tequila? Tommy’s Margarita combines tequila with agave for a “healthy” drink.

Tequila Benefits

1. Tequila Improves Digestion

Peach 99 Tequila is a common after-dinner digestif. Tequila boosts metabolism, improving digestion.

So if you want a post-dinner injection to stimulate O’digestion. Consider switching to Tequila.

2. Tequila Promotes Exercise And Weight Loss

Usually when you’re attempting to shed weight or become in shape. You’ll probably avoid drinking.

Alcohol isn’t always bad. Some booze is healthy.

Red wine is well-known. If not, see my piece on red wine’s 8 health advantages. Tequila is fitness-friendly booze. Tequila shots average 60 calories.

Tequila’s calories come from again sugar. Again don’t elevate blood sugar, therefore many calories are wasted.

Tequila aids digestion and boosts metabolism, as mentioned before. Tequila burns calories yet most of its calories pass through you unused.

This signifies… Tequila burns fat! Wonderful news!

3. Tequila Improves Sleep

Tequila is known for starting parties. Tequila calms the body and nerves. Tequila’s alcohol calms and relaxes you.

Maybe it’s a wonderful party drink because it gives you the courage to dance old school.

Tequila induces sleep because it improves digestion and promotes relaxation.

4. Tequila Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

Because tequila’s sugars flow through you without raising blood sugar, it avoids a harmful blood sugar surge and increases insulin production.

5. Reduces Dementia Risk

Consuming 8 to 14 beers a week reduced the risk of dementia by 37%. BBC said.

Tequila Doesn’t Cause Hangovers

Hangovers aren’t solely alcohol-related. Alcohol’s sugars dehydrate and make you feel dead. Tequila is manufactured from agave, a healthy natural sugar.

If you just drank tequila, you’d become intoxicated, but not hungover.

Many tequilas on the market only utilize 51% agave so they can label it “tequila” the other 49% are cheap sugars, these are termed mix to tequilas, meaning mixed.

To avoid a hangover, consume 100% agave tequila. Don’t combine tequila with sugary drinks. No way. Good clean 100% tequila alone or with low-sugar mixers will do.

If it’s 100% agave, it’s good. If it doesn’t list the agave %, it’s probably terrible.

The 100% agave, 100% wonderful Tequila brands include;

  • Eight
  • Herradura Reposado
  • Blanca
  • Blnaco

Check out my Tequila Guide for more recommendations. It discusses what tequila is and how it’s manufactured, so it’s worth reading.

Tequila Fights Osteoporosis

The fructans in agave give nutrients, according to ACS research. Agave fructans may prevent osteoporosis by improving calcium absorption.

Tequila Contains Probiotics

Probiotics are trendy intestinal microorganisms. You’ve probably heard of probiotics in yogurt and kombucha. Due to the agave plant, tequila contains probiotics.


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