Is It Possible for Females to Trace Their Paternal Line?

Is It Possible for Females to Trace Their Paternal Line?

According to studies male candidates can trace their paternal ancestry. What about the female candidates? As the DNA paternity test involves using the male Y chromosome, females can’t trace paternal ancestry. However, this doesn’t mean that women cannot trace their paternal ancestry. Women can discover their paternal ancestry by requesting a paternal haplogroup and Y-DNA test from a relative who shares their paternal line.

If you are looking for a home DNA paternity test, you could choose PaternityUSA paternity test. The Paternity USA is one of the most reputed and trustworthy websites online where you can buy home DNA paternity tests. When you place your order on this website, they will send a DNA collection kit, which you have to send it back to them absolutely without spending any amount from your side. 

When it comes to their paternity test, it is easy and affordable. Moreover, they will provide you with the test results very quickly. At home, DNA test kits are very easy to use, and you will get them usually with instructions. However, if you have any questions about their kits, you could reach out to their customer support team. Many people think that these test kits won’t give accurate results, but that is not completely true. 

The fact is, you must choose a trustworthy lab or a website for accurate results. If you choose something randomly, you might end up with inaccurate results. Check the reviews online before choosing a website or a lab for your home DNA test. Check their experience levels as well before making your choice. When you choose an experienced lab, you can expect better services. 

Biological relatives who share the same line includes –

  • Paternal uncle 
  • Your brother
  • Your father
  • Paternal cousin
  • Paternal grandfather

You must always choose relatives who share the same paternal lineage for tracing the paternal line. For example, as your half-brother is from a different father, the paternal lineage would be different. For any DNA test, you must be careful when choosing your relatives. If you have confusion on this, you could contact your lawyer. 

Why do you need a paternity test?

  • Paternity tests are crucial in child custody proceedings, particularly when the father seeks the right to visit his child. This generally occurs when a mother believes that man is not the biological father of the kid and stops him from meeting the child. 
  • This test will be useful when the birth certificates or other kind of paperwork is unavailable. It will be useful to establish a familial tie.
  • Heirs may be entitled to various benefits, such as life insurance or social security pay-outs in addition to inheritance rights. These people should provide proof of paternity to be recognized as legal beneficiaries.
  • When it comes to a paternity test, it can make men responsible for their kid’s wellbeing. It can also be utilized to keep males from having to pay child support for children who aren’t their biological children.

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