Addiction treatment programs: Types and options for adults

Addiction treatment programs: Types and options for adults

EHW provides a wide range of treatment programs for mental health in adult men and women. These programs are based on individual needs, as determined through thorough evaluations prior to admission and during participation.

Each client is unique

Your individual addiction plan will be customized based on the severity of your addiction, the presence or absence of any co-occurring mental disorder, as well as your specific needs.

Medical detox

It all depends on what drugs you have. You may need to detox. Medical detox involves 24-hour medical monitoring to ensure that your body is free of chemicals.

Secure withdrawal

This process usually lasts between 5-7 days. Our medical team provides 24/7 supervision to ensure a safe withdrawal. If necessary, we can also help with medical concerns and prescribe the right medications.

Residential detox

The treatment centers work closely with local healthcare providers to determine the individual detox needs of each client. After clients have been medically cleared to travel, our staff will transport them to the residential treatment facility that is available 24/7 for medical monitoring.

Client medications

All medications must be kept safe and locked in a secure place. Clients can administer their medications at the right times with one of our behavioral healthcare staff presents. We have doctors and providers available to help clients in non-life-threatening situations or to report any changes in their mental, emotional, or physical status.

Structured treatment

Residential clients are encouraged to be involved in their treatment by our staff. This includes regular attendance at 12-step meetings, individual sessions, and groups. Our integrated treatment also includes mental health care. Depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety are all common co-occurring conditions.

Partial hospitalization program (PHP)

The PHP level of care provides structured addiction treatment for you or your loved ones at least five days per week, for a minimum of six hours per day. Individual therapy sessions, group therapy, and daily programming are all available to clients.

Real-life experiences

Clients have greater access to the sober community, including the possibility to attend 12-step meetings outside of the local area. They also learn how to have fun with recovery through experiential therapies and recreational activities.

Community access

Clients have more access to the community and can continue to work and other obligations if they are allowed to do so. Our IOP’s main focus is to help individuals reintegrate into society. We also work with them on creating aftercare plans and exploring employment opportunities.

Residential treatment

After they have been cleared by their doctor and their physical withdrawal symptoms have subsided, clients can enter residential therapy. Our facilities keep a close eye on residential clients to ensure their safety.

Essence health & wellness offers medical detox

The first step in addiction treatment is detoxification. Medical detox helps you or your loved ones safely stop abusing the substance. It removes residual toxic substances caused by physiological dependence in a medically monitored setting.

Although detoxing from alcohol or drugs can be unpleasant, toxins that remain in the body may cause cravings, emotional distress, mental and physical problems, and other complications. Because substance abuse can cause changes in the body’s biochemistry it is necessary to receive professional supervision and individual treatment to restore equilibrium.


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