How To Choose The Right Cabinet Hardware?

How To Choose The Right Cabinet Hardware?

Many homes built in the 1980s are being renovated by us. This makes it difficult to find pulls and knobs for the cabinetry in these homes. The cabinets from this era of builder-grade homes tend to be dirty and worn around doors and drawers. Why? Because there aren’t pulls and knobs!

You have two options when it comes to upgrading your kitchen cabinets: add hardware or update your existing hardware. Combining this with a thorough cleaning will give your cabinets a new look.

You have many options. But what kind of hardware should you use? Knobs or pulls? There aren’t any set rules. Let us discuss the differences in each option to help make the right choice for your kitchen.

Cabinet Knobs

Knobs, the most basic and easiest type of cabinet hardware, are easy to install. The knob is usually attached to the cabinet doors or drawer fronts by a single bolt. You can easily replace knobs that are missing from your kitchen by drilling a second hole.

Cabinet Pulls

Contrary to knobs that only have one screw attachment, a pull (or handle) is attached with two, three, or more screws to the cabinet doors or drawer fronts. Due to multiple screw holes, the center-to-center measurement (i.e. the difference in the center of each screw-hole from the center) is one of the most important considerations when choosing handles.

This is crucial information to have when replacing pulls. Although you might think you could replace the screw holes and finish the job to match, it is impossible to see the damage unless you have a highly skilled craftsman who would be very costly.

Cup And Bin Pulls

Cup handles are a particular type of cabinet handle that is made for drawers. Cup handles are commonly known as bin or half-moon drawer pulls. Cup pulls have a lot of popularity in farmhouse-style homes.

Cabinet Tabs (Or Finger/Edge Pulls)

Tabs pulls, which are installed on the tops of cabinets drawers and doors facing down, are the next major trend in kitchen design. Place tab pulls in each corner of the hinge for doors and centers them onto drawers.

Appliance Pulls And Handles

Cabinet pulls and handles, a special type of handle, are specifically made for refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances that have wood-panel layovers. They are also known as panel kits. Pick a cabinet hardware set that has both handles and pulls included if you have panel kits.

A Knob Or Pull? What Does This Designer Suggest?

Get A Pull

The most common option is to use knobs in all drawers and pull in all doors. But Baldwin Door Knobs are not more difficult to grip, and fingernails can scratch the cabinet doors but pull makes it much easier to open drawers with your entire hand, rather than just your fingertips. We usually use pulls in all of our kitchen designs.

Position Pulls Horizontally In Drawers Or Vertically For Doors

The next step is to decide if pulls will be mounted horizontally or vertically. We mount pulls horizontally to drawers. For doors, we mount them vertically. This is the best configuration for opening cabinets.

Mix Up The Finish

You don’t have to match your cabinet hardware with the rest. This is an area where you can add some bling. You can add a little bling to your kitchen by using chrome faucets.

Cost Is A Determining Element

Anything less is considered cheap and of poor quality. If you are looking for cabinet hardware, look no further than the cabinet showrooms or plumbing shops. They will have more options and be of better quality. Browse the catalogs and order samples in different styles or finishes to compare with the rest of your kitchen.

The pulls, knobs, and handles can protect your cabinets and increase their durability. The selection of cabinet hardware should reflect your kitchen’s theme and style.


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