Essential guidelines for air conditioner care

Essential guidelines for air conditioner care

Regular maintenance and service of air conditioner parts, such as filters, coils, and drains, is essential. The AC unit’s efficiency is dependent on its maintenance. Inadequate service and cleaning can lead to a reduced cooling capacity, as well as damage to the AC unit.

Here are some essential air conditioner maintenance tips

Maintenance & cleaning of air filters

Air filters that are clogged or blocked can significantly affect the AC’s cooling capabilities and cause problems with normal airflow. Filter dirt can cause the air to flow through the filter, bypassing it and carrying dirt directly to its evaporator coil. It is recommended that you clean your air filter at least once a month. Regular cleaning of your air filters will ensure proper cooling. If there are fur-bearing pets at home, then air filter cleaning becomes crucial.

Cleaning the Evaporator coils

A clean filter will prevent the coils from getting clogged with dirt and dust. The coils can still be affected by dirt and other debris over time. Deposition and covering can reduce the heat-absorbing ability of the coils, which in turn affects the room’s cooling process. You should schedule a yearly service and coil cleaning.

Maintenance and repair of the condenser coil

For all AC types, the fan unit and condenser are outside your home. The outside dusty environment, rain, winds and falling leaves, etc. The condenser coils become contaminated. The condenser coils are unable to heat up outside due to the accumulation of dust and debris. This causes poor heat dissipation, heating condenser, and compressor (compressor can be found near the condenser). Therefore, it is important to clean the condenser coil every year for it to function effectively.

Cleaning coil fins

The aluminum fins of the condensers, evaporator coils, and evaporator coils are easily visible. The fins become covered with debris and dust. It is essential to regularly clean the coil fins to protect the condenser or evaporator.

Unclog the rear drainage

If the drain at the back end of the AC is blocked, the water that collects inside it cannot escape. It will then drip from any opening in the room. The humidity level in the room increases if there is no vent for the water.


Winter season, when the AC is not being used, cover the compressor unit (if it is outside) using a cloth to stop dirt and dust from entering the unit.

Never miss an AC Service

Always call an AC service professional before the start of summer to have your air conditioner cleaned up.

Make sure to have your AC checked by a professional before calling them. He performs all the required services. For the very best in home or commercial Air conditioning installation Carseldine, visit

Indoors, less humidity

AC repair has the added benefit of reducing humidity in your house. The cooling and filtration systems draw out excess water as the air flows through them.

Humidity in a house can be a problem as it can cause mold or mildew. These can have serious effects on residents’ health, especially those who have respiratory problems.

A house with high levels of humidity is likely to have a musty, unpleasant odor throughout.

Air conditioning systems are designed to make homes more comfortable. High humidity is not comfortable. It makes the air feel thicker and stickier. It also feels hotter when the humidity is high.

A service technician will inspect your home for humidity levels and assist you in making decisions about your system.

Different systems can have different humidity capabilities. They will be able to help you reduce humidity if it is necessary. These professionals have the knowledge and skills to repair AC problems.

Security Protection

Your home can be open to more than just insects by leaving windows and doors unclosed to allow airflow.

Many home invasions take place through an unsecured doorway. It is not enough to prevent someone entering your home from gaining entry. It is tempting to believe everything will go well and there will be no problems, but it is better to avoid leaving anything up to chance.

Sealing your openings will ensure that your unit produces clean, fresh air. This seal is enabled only when all windows are closed.

A tight seal can also be a security feature for your home.




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