How Does Your Gas Storage Type of Hot Water System Work?

How Does Your Gas Storage Type of Hot Water System Work?

In Australia, gas water heaters account for about 48% of all water heaters. There are three primary varieties of gas water heaters available in Australia:

  • The gas storage type of hot water systems
  • Solar water heaters with immediate gas boosting
  • Continuous flow/instantaneous hot water systems

They all use natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

This kind of hot water system is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional electric storage heaters for providing reliable hot water heating in Australian homes. You can always call any plumber Penrith available with Wilco Plumbing whenever you need any kind of servicing or repair needs.

Let us discuss in this post, how this kind of system works.

The water in a gas storage type of such hot water system is heated by a gas burner positioned beneath the storage tank. The tank is filled with cold water, which will sink to its bottom and will be heated. When you turn on your hot water tap, the water will rise to the top of your tank and will pour into the hot water piping as it warms.

A thermostat controls and maintains the temperature of the stored water with the element and also burners will guarantee that it will never fall below the allowed 60°C. Water is sent through your pressure relief valve and will come out the overflow pipe, if the water pressure becomes too high. The middle of the tank has a flue that allows hot air and gas-burning gases to escape.

The following are a few pros and cons of this hot water system?


  • Gas being a cleaner fuel hence greenhouse emissions are lower.
  • Options for both LPG and natural gas.
  • Eco-friendy.
  • Faster reheat time as compared to many other options.
  • Generally, long-term running costs will be lower than any traditional options.


  • Usually, LPG is expensive.
  • Installation of gas connections is usually expensive.
  • Generally, higher upfront costs.
  • Must be located outside, or it should have a flue.

Selecting the right type of system for gas storage hot water supply

You can select the model that suits your household based on the following few factors.

  • Type of gas

What kind of gas do you have access to? The two most prevalent types of gas for properties in Australia are natural gas (NG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

  • Tank size

What amount of water does your storage tank need for holding and heat? This is also dependent on the amount of space you have available and how many people utilise the hot water system within your home. For a family house, 170L would be advised.

  • Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency laws apply to gas storage type of hot water systems, requiring them to fulfill the Greenhouse and also Energy Minimum Standards prescribed by the local authority.

Heat transfer and insulation are both improved with higher efficiency units. The less gas used to heat the water, the more efficient the unit is. You may examine the energy efficiency of any equipment by looking at its energy rating sticker.


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