Custom Bag Design and Importance of Color Theory

Custom Bag Design and Importance of Color Theory

While designing custom bags, you need to select the right color combination. It might seem easy at first, but when you look at the color wheel, you would get an idea about what you are looking for.

Why color theory is significant in Custom Bag design?

Color is important and it is the most important aspect of design. It can affect the significance of the text, how users move and feel about a particular layout. By understanding the color theory, you can make visuals that have an impact more intentionally.

What we mean basically is that your color design needs some thought. Here is what your client is told by the most commonly used colors.

  • Blue is the sea and sky color – It is known to be calming, linked to confidence, efficiency, serenity, logic and intelligence. In brand design, it is also a common choice.
  • Red, on the other hand, is ardent, linked to zeal, passion, excitement, warmth, and strength in general. Red is common for entertainment and lifestyle companies. Some examples are as follows: Netflix, Coca-Cola, Disney, Marlboro and Lego, McDonald’s.
  • Green is related to Earth. It is calming peaceful, balance, sustainable, harmony and restoration. Big companies like Subway, Spotify, Starbucks, Lacoste, and Xbox are using Green.
  • Yellow is very emotional and happy. However, it is seldom used as a single solution in branding. Many companies like McDonald’s and IMDb use it to cheer up their designs.
  • Black is often used in high-quality elegant brands. It is usually mixed with white elements.

Color Theory 101

Using the color theory, Custom Earth Promos manufactures printed reusable bags with great designs and user friendliness. The company is an environmentally friendly company based in Delray Beach, Florida, USA. You specialize in the production of customized reusable bags, water bottles, face masks, etc. It is made from natural, recycled water bottles, etc.

Primary Colors

Primary colors are the ones you can’t create by combining two or more colors. They are much like prime numbers, which cannot be created together by multiplying two other numbers. Three primary colors are available are Red, Yellow, and Blue

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are the colors formed by combining two of the above three main colors. Three secondary colors are available: orange, purple, and green. Each can be created with two of the three main colors. The general rules for secondary color creation are as follows:

  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Blue + Red = Purple
  • Yellow + Blue = Green

Note that the above color mixtures are only effective if you use the purest shape of each primary color. This pure shape is known as color shade and in the color wheel below, you will see how these shades compared to the variants under each color.

Tertiary Colors

When you mix a primary color with a secondary color, tertiary colors are generated.

The Bottom Line

Knowing how colors work together, how they affect mood and emotion, and how they change your website look and feel, is critical to helping you stand out for the correct reasons.


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